About ITC Solar and DuraVolt.

The Founders of ITC Solar have been on the cutting edge of the Solar Electric Industry since the mid 1980's. Their resumes include positions at United Technologies, Bp Solar,  Kyocera Solar America and Photowatt Technologies. They have managed the manufacturing, engineering, sales & marketing of a diversified range of quality Solar Electric products.


DuraVolt Solar Chargers

DuraVolt Indestructible solar chargers were originally designed for the Hi-tech monitoring buoys that are rapidly populating New Zealand's coastline. http://www.cawthron.org.nz/tascam/

We quickly realized that the DuraVolt Solar Chargers would be ideal for boating and other demanding battery charging applications.

DuraVolt solar chargers are manufactured using the best quality materials available on the market today. We only use "A" grade solar cells and other materials to insure maximum reliability in all weather conditions.  

The solar cells are encapsulated on aluminium backing using 3M translucent materials typically used in the fabrication of military and commercial products. This translates into the most Indestructible solar charger on the market today.

We also aim to offer the customer service in the industry. We encourage you to contact us 7 days a week with pre-sale questions or for technical support.

Our Amazon reviews back up our claims.

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